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COVID-19 Update

CCFS has followed all guidelines and practices recommended by our President and Governor to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 virus. These actions also protect our company and employees from spreading possible infection to each other and our patrons. Our goal is to remain healthy and ready to serve our patron's needs this Spring planting season. Spring only comes once so we have taken the following steps to ensure our readiness. Beginning on March 23rd, our offices will be closed to the public, except to receive deliveries and load in-season products to customers. Most hourly employees will “shelter at home” to isolate potential inter-company spread. Inter-company travel between locations has been effectively eliminated. Propane and Fuel drivers are still providing products to customers but are not entering our locations or interacting with customers at their homes or farms. Salesmen's contact with customers should be limited to phone, email, and text. THE TAYLORVILLE FAST STOP STATION WILL REMAIN OPEN but has stopped preparing fresh food and is operating inside sales at limited hours (6am-1pm) to reduce staffing needs and their potential exposure to the public.  Our fuel pumps will continue to be fully operational 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, with payment at the pump. We are all in uncharted waters at this time, every action we have taken at CCFS is to best prepare our readiness for the upcoming planting season and keep our employees and communities as safe as possible.

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March 31, 2020
Soybean seed treatments can help improve seed germination, early season vigor and crop establishment which will contribute to improved yields at harvest. Seed treatments provide a way for growers to manage the risk associated with early season pests and pathogens and protect their seed investment.
March 31, 2020
Once the weather breaks this spring and field operations commence, Anhydrous ammonia and dry fertilizer applications are certainly on the priority list. In the rush to catch up with fertility needs, don't forget the importance of timely herbicide applications and the value spring burndown can contribute to managing tough weeds.
March 24, 2020
While we are sometimes anxious in the spring to get busy in the fields, performing field operations when soils are too wet can cause big problems with soil compaction – problems that are not easily corrected after the damage is done.
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Warm Wet Consitions for March 2020-1.jpg
March 06, 2020
February 07, 2020
Diesel Exhaust Fluid is easy to contaminate, which can lead to costly repairs. Follow these recommendations to keep DEF pure.
FS DEF Logo with ISO optimized for web.jpg
December 12, 2019
Frozen DEF in your trucks or farm equipment shouldn't be a concern. The product can freeze and thaw without hurting performance. Equipment is engineered to handle it, too. This article addresses the specifics of DEF in cold winter temperatures.
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